Purebred Airedale Terriers

Non-shedding, hypo-allergenic Airedales

Great bloodlines make great dogs!



All pups are $850. Three colors to choose from.

Black & Tans


Black/Tan is the standard Airedale color.  Airedales make fantastic family pets, running & hunting partners, companions, and are great with kids!  They are known for being hypoallergenic and non-shedding. 



Beautiful and rare, only about 1000 in the world. Blacks are unique in that they are very fast and agile.  They are gorgeous and turn heads!  Great for family pets, running & hunting partners, guard dogs, and more.  They have kind temperaments and are great with kids.  



Reds like to explore and are extremely aware of their surroundings. Beautiful and rare - about 60 in the world. They are gorgeous in color and look like lions when coats are long.  Perfect for family pets or anything you want to train them to be.  

2 pups available

Black/Tan male, black collar


Call 208-731-4763 to reserve or pick up.

Black/Tan female, pink collar

Call 208-731-4763 to reserve or pick up.

How to get a puppy

To buy one of our pups, we ask that you:

1-Fill out the buyer form below.

2- Email us at bairedales@gmail.com  letting us know you are reserving a puppy.

3- Send $100 deposit to hold your puppy, which is part of the purchase. (Our address is below.)

"Hi this is Jim.  Feel free to use any of this on your website. You can also give my name and number to people if they want recommendations. You folks were beyond nice and when Matt laid down on the grass to play with the puppy I knew you guys were genuine. We have named our Airedale “Max”. He is black and tan and everything we wanted. Took our Airedale, “Max” to the vet yesterday and she said he was healthy and that the breeder had done exactly what she would have recommended in terms of shots and puppy medications. She said that he would be a very large dog and that his hips, spine, and overall condition looked excellent! In a weeks time, he became the star of the family, is excellent around our children and grandchildren, and is smart enough to learn his name, come, and sit already. Besides being the best Airedale ever, I appreciated the integrity that Matt the breeder has. He insisted that I see the father, the mother and his other dogs, together with the clean and well-kept facilities where he raises his puppies. He also gives you a complete ancestry chart, health care records, registration information, and diet info including puppy food. I would recommend an Airedale from the  Bair Family without any reservation."
~The Uzzell Family 

"HUNTER will be 10 yrs old on 12/13. Spitting image of his dad, Roscoe, 110 lbs exactly. Now enjoying his older years in the Maine snow and doesn't miss that Texas heat one bit...thank you Bairedales for a decade of love, joy, faithfulness and especially, humility..."




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