About Us

The Bair Family


We have lived in beautiful Kimberly, Idaho area since 1990.
We have five grown children with 9 grandchildren.  
Family time is the best and our kids all want an Airedale!

In 2000, we decided to add an Airedale puppy to our family of 7.  
When Matt discovered there were 3 Airedale colors, he had to have one of each.  
To help pay for this, we had a litter of darling puppies.  
Since then, the calls for puppies have not stopped.  We have met some wonderful puppy
lovers all across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

We have worked hard to keep our purebred Airedale bloodlines the highest quality possible.
Puppy buyers send us wonderful testimonies and stories of how their
Airedales have saved their lives and been lifelong companions.

Feel free to call us about our dogs.