What We Use



“Hi-Standard - not only the name of our dog food, but also how we do business” 
                  -Wade Graskewicz Owner 

Hi-Standard 26/18 dog food formula is formulated for all life stages.

Nutrient Functions:  Ingredient Function

Meat & Bone Meal:  Excellent source of protein; Highly digested and absorbed.

Poultry Fat:  A source of energy, essential fatty acids

Corn Gluten Meal:  Excellent source of energy and protein

Brewers Dried Yeast:  Excellent fiber source and protein

Ground Corn:  Good source of carbohydrates and essential fatty acids for skin and hair

Vitamins and Minerals:  Vision, Bone & Teeth, Circulatory systems, Enzyme system, Body fluid balance, skin, Hair coat

Less fillers and more of what your dog needs!

**Omega 3&6 Fortified                                                          
**100% Soy Free

Feeding Guidelines
** Hi-Standard 26/18 dog food can be fed right from the bag or mixed with water or broth.
     Always have fresh, clean water available for your dog.

** Mature dogs should be fed once or twice per day. The amount of food depends upon your dogs      age, weight, activity level, and environment.

** Puppies will require ½ to 2 times as much food during growth and development period as an      adult the same weight.  Feed puppies 3 to 4 times per day that first six months, then 2 times      daily until fully grown.

** Pregnant and lactating females can be fed Hi-Standard 26/18. Adjust the amount of food      according to the body condition and the number of puppies.

 Website:  www.hi-standarddogfood.com