Guarantee & Vaccinations

Additional Information

Our Guarantee
We guarantee birth defects on our pup's heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels, and hips for a full 2 years.  All puppies are born at our home kennel, lovingly raised and very people/kid friendly.

We have no control over what our puppy buyers expose their new puppy to or feed them. We WILL NOT PAY any puppy/dog or veterinarian expenses incurred. If you have veterinarian bills, diagnostic testing and/or surgery on your puppy, that is FULLY your choice and responsibility. Our guarantee is to the original owner/buyer of our pups. Should you sell or sign over ownership of the puppy, all guarantees are void.  

If one of the above birth defects should arise with your puppy, we kindly ask that you send us your vet records/diagnosis & we will give you another puppy. There will be NO refunds. We understand that it is impossible to "replace" the puppy you loved, but know that each puppy can bring a new happiness to your home. Our purpose is to provide great loving people with quality, kind Airedale pets.

Canine Recommended Vaccination Schedule: 
This is the vaccination schedule suggested by our professional veterinarian.​
Please consult with your local vet for further advice and assistance.

6 weeks~ 1st Puppy Shot Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Coronavirus,
                 Adenovirus 1&2, Wormer (Varies with your area needs.)

9 weeks~ 2nd Puppy Shot (Consult with your vet.) 
12 weeks~ 3rd Puppy Shot (Consult with your vet.) 
12-16 weeks~ Rabies
Boosters needed in 1 year~ Consult with your vet for local needs.
Rabies ~ Consult with your Vet. 

Puppy Information

All pups' tails are docked, dew claws removed, and vaccinations are started.

Puppies are WorldATR registered.

Health certificate, immunization record, and pedigree will accompany a dog that flies.

Airlines flights must be scheduled by us & pups must be 8 weeks old.