Our Sires



Roscoe was our first black male.  He was massive, fun, and lovable.  He was a gentle giant with our kids, and yet an aggressive hunter.  To drink, he would bury his face in his water bowl and throw the water up and catch it. He weighed about 110 pounds.  He sadly passed in 2016.



Rocky is amazing and majestic to see in person!  He has his shaggy look getting ready for winter.  He is such a delight and protective.  He lets us know by barking non-stop if another dog is up to mischief or  in trouble, especially a puppy.  Our Rocky weighs about 105+ pounds.



Rex is young and a very close relation to Roscoe and is going to be close to as big and just as much fun.  He is also ready for his winter coat in this picture.  He is FAST and disappears in the dark!  He weighs about 90 pounds.

Our dams



Shilo is a sweetie and wonderful mom!  She protects her babies like no other.  We love having her in our kennel and she loves all her friends.  She weighs about 70 pounds.



Stella is our stellar watchdog.  She keeps things straight and warns us when deer are in the yard (28 head at times).  She is a great mom and weighs about 80 pounds.



Midnight Shadow is an exceptional athlete and very obedient. She is extremely quick an agile. She is a great mom and throws beautiful pups.  She still has some growing to do at 70 pounds.



Sasha is our fun sassy playmate.  She loves attention and will always welcome loves.  She keeps a close watch over her pups and pays attention to detail.  She has some growing still to do at 65 pounds.



Nessie was named after the loc ness.  She fits her name well because she sneaks up and thinks it's funny to grabs your pants.  We love having her and her sweet puppies.  This is young picture. We don't have an adult picture yet. She weighs 80 pounds.



Ciska has a quiet sweet personality, but she is not afraid to let us know when something up.  She is great with people and minds well.  Her pups are also beautiful and playful personalities.  She weighs in at about 70 pounds.