Shipping details:

We want your puppy to get to you safely. Local pickup is always welcome (& free.) 
We ship from Boise, Idaho all year round. The puppy must be 8 weeks old.Flight costs are approximately $300 - $450, this includes flight, crate, vet check/flight certificate.

How it works:

We, the sender, must arrange the flight plans. Booking in advance depends on each airline, and we will search for the best deal for you. Prices will vary with airlines and gas prices. When we know the puppy has left the airport, we will notify you that he/she is on their way.
Should a delay or early arrival occur, the airlines will call you, not us, thus it is vital we have your cell phone number(s). Full payment is expected before the puppy can leave.

If flying, your puppy will arrive in a crate with its pedigree, application for registration, health certificate, immunization record, and puppy food taped to the top. It is recommended that you bring a leash to pick your puppy up.  He/she will be ready to get out for a bit.  With new surroundings, it is safer to keep a leash attached. 

Our pups have homes in 40 US states:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas,

California, Colorado, Connecticut,  
Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa,
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Massachusetts, Michigan,
Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,
Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey,
 New Mexico,
New York,
 North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio,  Oregon,
Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont,
 West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming,  

Alberta, Canada,
B.C., Canada,
Ontario, Canada

Pups have to be 8 weeks to fly.   
We arrange the flight to your airport.